September 1930


Sept. 3, Wed. 
   The first day of anything to do.  About a dozen calls. We have played tennis frequently and attended several picnics. Ruby is not able to play tennis this week and I am missing it sorely. Probably will be too busy after tomorrow when the big lists come out.

Sept. 4
   Got the big list and made the calls in NE quarter of the city by 2:00 P.M. by not stopping for lunch.

Sept. 5
   Got secondary lists from each school, names not ready yet the first tie. Had to go over my quarter of the city again.

Sept. 6
   Shopped & cooked and puttered.  A family row today. I butted in when Ruby was disciplining Jane, who had left streaks when she washed the front porch. I thought Ruby was being too severe, but I guess she wasn't.  Anyhow, she blew up when I interfered and as I was too big to punish she turned on poor Jane.

Sept 13 - Sat.
   "Fishing" trip to Saubee with Pancost, Cigard, Hall, Courtney, Chalwers.  Started 7:30 Sat. AM, fished intensively all day without a strike. Arranged the eats so they were easy to prepare - fried eggs, bacon, canned beans, boiled & fried potatoes, cake & pie ready cooked, tomatoes, cookies, donuts, etc. Had entirely too much food, but planned it for eight and there were only six. Too much even so.  No fish whatever were taken, nor seem likely to be unless we can bring ourselves to use worms and minnows.

Tues., Sept. 23
   Have been playing tennis with R. nearly every evening lately.  Getting a little better at it from time to time.  Pulled the pipe out of the basement to install a faucet over Ruby's bench.

Wed. Sept. 24
   Installed faucet over the bench, total cost $1.22.  Tapped a pair of shoes for Jane & fixed a heal for Ruby. [Note: Maurice's father Percy Reed and grandfather James Lawrence Reed were shoemakers.]  Made an extension cord to use with the car, camping. Cost .70, cheaper to buy it ready made of Sears, but theirs is only an 8 ft cord, mine 18.

Sat. Sept. 27
   Went to Ann Arbor with MHP & Dwight Chalmers regarding attendance on Saturday classes, but none of us could get what we wanted, hence we aren't going.

Sun. Sept. 28
   Went for a long drive in country. Bot a bushel of windfalls on the ground for 25c. They were beautiful apples.  John's first tooth appeared today.

Mon. Sept. 29
   John's aluminum mittens came today and we put them on. Ruby & I are talking house plans and furniture, spent the evening at it.

Tues. Sept. 30
   Played tennis.  Later talked camping. Ruby has decided to stay at home next summer, as she thinks another little one will be on the way or just arrived.  I am planning to work on the house siding, rebuilding back porch, etc.

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