October 1930


Wed. Oct. 1
   Received a nursery chair, cod liver oil, elec. lamps, adhesive tape & hose for Jane from Sears Roebuck. John gets his first taste of coddled egg today and strained vegetables about tomorrow.

Wed. oct. 8
   Have been doing enrollment work Mon. & Tues. nights at Evening School.  Have joined the AAA effective Oct. 10. Uncle John & Aunt Grace [Beem] were here with Dorothy over the week end, and the 4th & 5th.  It seemed to be a very successful visit. We are quite sure they had a good time.  Went to a show "The Sap from Syracuse" on Sat. nite & Uncle John & I, Jane and Dorothy went to S.S. at the Christian Church, Sunday.
The Sap From Syracuse movie poster, digital image; http://www.impawards.com/1930/sap_from_syracuse.html: accessed 21 July 2012
Mon. Oct. 13
   Had a weenie roast in Potter Pk with other club members Sat. evg.  Sun. all but Bishops had a picnic at Saubee Lake.  Mon. night taught evening school, first evg., had a good bunch and all went well.  John was vaccinated today.

Thurs. Oct 16
    Taught Evening School Wed. and went to lodge tonight.  Mel Hall asked me to drive him home after an operation on his tonsils this AM, but the cocaine did not react well and the operation had to be postponed until tomorrow.  Bought a case of Golden Bantam corn 2.75; a case of peas 2.00

Fri. Oct. 17
   Took Mel & Carrie home from dr's. office.  Operation was successful this time. Bought case of spinach 3.50 and case of string beans 2.00.

Sat. Oct 18
   Had two fillings put in my teeth this morning.  Geneva came for an overnight stop this afternoon. Very suddenly cold last night & today in midst of fine, warm weather.  Finished reading "Animals of the Past" by Frederick A. Lucas.  Just before it, read a book on "The White River Badlands", a bulletin  (No. 13) of the Dept. of Geology S.D. School of Mines, and chiefly descriptive of the fossil deposits found there, with speculations on climate conditions formerly prevailing.

Sun. Oct. 19
   Geneva left at 8:00.  Yesterday was very wintry, and today more so, part time a real blizzard.  Ruby & I started for a walk, came back for warm clothes and went again.
   This summer has seen the worst of a bad year of depression beginning with the stock market crash a year ago this month.  Thousands of men in Lansing have been out of work all summer.  Things are picking up very slowly now, but decidedly bad yet.

Mon. Oct. 20
   Received Jane's watch last Sat.  It loses over 1/2 hr a day, and am sending it back today.

Tues. Oct. 21
   Am reading "George Washington 1776-1781" by Rupert Hughes.  Spent the evening most luxuriously by the fireplace.

Thurs. Oct. 23
   Made about 3 gallons of sour crout in early evening, and went to Lodge.  33 put on F.C. degree in long form, a charming ceremony, only slightly different from the usual form, but elaborated with costumes, stage equipment, and the notable addition of a sort of communion for the candidates only.

Sat. Oct. 25
   Fixed a rocking chair and the broken hinges on the Victrola.  Took down the screen doors, the porch swing and the back lawn swing and stored them on the front porch, moved the peonies to the border of the lawn, carried out the ashes, put oil in the crankcase, took down Jane's swing, raked the leaves up in both front and back yards and burned them, bathed, shaved and dressed, and went to Kieppe's club party in the evening.  Courtneys were formally initiated tonight, though they had attended twice before.

Sun. Oct. 26
   Pressed my blue suit, figured out a recipe for a syrup to be used in making chocolate milk, made a batch of French dressing, helped Ruby get dinner, despite her scolding, made a call on the father of an Eastern High School boy regarding his truancy.  Then we brought Laila & Carrol down, making a stop at Mr. Pancost, Senior before coming home to arrange for a garden piece and some wood to cut.  Played bridge with the girls in the evening.

Fri. Oct. 31
   Attended M.E.A [Michigan Education Association] meetings Mon. & Tues. Tues. evening heard Princess DerLing, former lady-in-waiting to the Empress of China.  Wed. taught evening school.  Thur. began excavating under front porch.  Have hauled 19 wheelbarrow loads of dirt to the back yard.

"Chinese Princess Charms Audience at Riverside Woman's Club Meeting," Riverside Daily Press, 2 Apr 1930, p.1, col. 3; digital image, GenealogyBank (http://www.genealogybank.com: accessed 21 July 2012)

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