Ever since I received my grandfather's journals after he died in 1972, I have loved reading and re-reading them for his stories of camping and fishing in Michigan, his work as a truant officer for the Lansing Public Schools, his notes on the books he read and the movies he went to, and most of all, his notes on his family and extended family. As an ongoing project this year, I have started to transcribe and publish these journals. The first one is entitled, At Home in Lansing: The Journals of Maurice L. Reed, 1927-1931, and is available on Amazon.
I was very pleased when the Library of Michigan emailed me at the end of July to let me know that At Home in Lansing is being considered for their 2016 list of Michigan Notable Books. I shipped 8 copies to their review committee, and should hear back in December.

In the meantime, I've published the second volume in the series, called Lansing and Beyond: The Journals of Maurice L. Reed, 1932-1934. It is also available on Amazon.

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