March 1930


Mar. 2
Pancosts spent the afternoon and evening here. Talked plans with Maurice & exhibited my new baker, knife, hatchet, hat, coveralls, reel, rod, creel, line, headers, frying pans, etc.

Mar. 12
Have been drying vegetables for use on the trail this summer. Astonishing how they shrivel up to almost nothing. The potatoes, soaked and boiled, come out delicious, better than fresh ones. Have dried 5 # of potatoes, 1 1/2 lb of carrots already. Have also made a mosquito headnet and dyed it brown. Have still to insert a celluloid window. Calls very light yesterday PM & today forenoon. Six yesterday PM, 2 this AM.

Mar. 15
Sawed wood at Pancosts. Party last night at Halls kept us up till one o'clock, hence I didn't feel like working but worried 20 blocks off a big log and did some other small jobs.

Mar. 16
Beautiful day. Picnicked with Pancosts at Okemos. Shot at a mark & tried out the reflector baker.

Mar. 18
After another beautiful day. Today was cold, with two inches of snow. Tulips are just high enough to show through it.
Ed Rarey was shot and killed Sunday night, the 15th, by a criminal he was trying to arrest.
"Police Spread Net For Murder Suspect", Canton Ohio Evening Repository, 17 Mar 1930, p.8, col. 7; digital image, GenealogyBank ( accessed 7 Jan 2012)
Mar. 21
They caught the man and made him confess. It was Maurice Brozofsky. It has broken Mother and Dad up badly, he was such a close friend of theirs.
Went to the closing exercises of Evening School last night, and ducked out at 8:30 to go to lodge, hoping to get some knowledge of the ritual. Have made no visible headway at it yet, and feel so disgusted. I dislike intensely to spend such oceans of time learning such utterly useless material. Had I known one must learn thousands and thousands of words of ritual in order to become a common 3rd degree Mason, and that it must be done from another Mason, as it doesn't exist lawfully in print, and that it must be accompanied by the inhalation of second-hand tobacco smoke, carbon dioxide and bad lighting; I fear I should never have attempted it.

Mar. 24
Studied ritual with help of EMH yesterday. Goes so much faster now I am much encouraged. Received a pair of heavy work shoes from Dad for hiking this summer. Went to Dr. Owen with sore throat, first I've had this winter. Dr. wasn't in but Miss Hansen gave me a treatment and charged $1.
Drove out to Olsen's, near Okemos Sun. and bought 2 doz. eggs, third time in as many weeks. Are getting 12 doz. for waterglass middle of the week.
Sawed wood at farm Sat. goes pretty slowly, saw getting dull I guess.  This tree will finish the years work, can do it all in another Sat., I think, except the hauling.

Mar. 25
Second big storm of the year, only 4 or 5 in. of snow, but air full of it all day.
Have a severe sore throat. Had it treated in Dr. Owens office but no better yet.
Worked in Leslie Stanaway's shop with him all the evening 3:30 to 5:30 on my camp stove.
Speedometer reads 4140.
I now have 10# of potatoes, 8# of carrots and 5# of onions dried.

Mar. 26
Sore throat much better this morning and practically well tonight.
More snow fell today, wet and soft. 9 inches deep, very slippery, but didn't get stuck.
Finished the kitchen table today and gave it a coat of paint.

Mar. 27
Having recovered from sore throat, I now have a lame back, so bad it hurts me every move I make and every breath I draw. My car got stuck in the snow this AM. I started the wheels turning and got out and pushed. I hurt my back when I did so and it has been bad ever since.
Herbert wanted the radio so we took it out to him tonight and went on to Okemos, where we bought 14 doz eggs, and tonight Ruby put them down in waterglass, 12 doz. The other two are to be used at once. Cost 25c a doz.
Laila & Carrol were down for the evening, just dropt in.

Mar. 28
Went down for trial of Fred Sendzik, but he failed to appear. Judge said he'd have him arrested and put on bond.
Snow has been thawing fast but a lot of it left yet.
Lame back is better but still lame.
Started dieting as I am badly overweight.

Mar. 29
Back so lame I couldn't saw wood.  Loafed around during the PM, shopped all the morning.  Party at Pancosts this evening. Courtneys decided upon as the couple to complete our number if they accept.

Mar. 31
Ruby down sick in bed since yesterday noon. Dr. McCrumb doesn't know what is wrong yet.  Jane and I are doing the housekeeping.
Sunday made a large number of cloth food bags, 39 in all, of varying sizes, for use on camping trip.  Had to buy more material both cloth & tape.
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Old Journals are so interesting to read. They give a look into the everyday details are ancestors encountered.
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