January 31, 1930
The close of a very busy week.  I made 66 calls on Wednesday and 216 for the week.  Received my wrist watch from Dad Reed.

February 8, 1930
Another busy week, too busy, I have learned, for some of the asst. principals who assign me calls have been giving me more than a reasonable load, more than they gave Mr. George last year by about double. I am compiling figures and graphs today to show the situation clearly, and I shall then lay it before the principals and assistant principals.  Am also compiling a street directory to use in finding my way around the city, as my old one is so out of date as to be almost useless.

February 15, 1930
Thanks to my data which showed the load I had, it has been cut down to more reasonable limits. Therefore the past week has not been so hard.
Wed. night somebody stole my spare tire and wheel assembly off the car. It was replaced complete by the Wolverine Insurance Co. with whom I have my fire and theft.
Maurice Pancost and I get together every Sunday evening to talk over details of our trip to Yellowstone, which we are planning for this summer.

February 17, 1930
Received a consignment of goods for use this summer, including a fly rod and reel, a fly line, a belt axe, 2 african water bags, sheath knife, fisherman's hat, leaders, creel, folding frying pan, and there is still on the way a suit of coveralls.

Feb. 21
Took Herbert out to the state farm and laboratory to see the equipment and processes.

Feb. 22
Laila & Carrol proposed a picnic, as we have been having a spell of extremely warm weather, snow gone and ground even drying up.  We went to Okemos and roasted our weenies.  The ground was too soft to drive beyond the gravel, so we roasted them farther up river than usual. The river was very high, is in flood state here in town.

Feb. 25
Went to "Taming of the Shrew" with family, Laila & Carrol. They were here for dinner after.

Feb. 27
Stopped in Leslie Stanaways shop at West Jr. and worked with him after school until 6:00 PM, I making a reflector oven, he working on my camp stove. I gave him a couple of rugs this morning, and am going to help him make a set of the same camp equipment.

Feb. 28
Worked with Stan again until 6:00 and completed the reflector baker. In the evening made a canvas case for it.

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