Apr. 1
My first trial.  The Fred Sendzik case was brot up for actual trial, I was called as witness, we hashed it all over, and though there was no question as to their being guilty, the case was adjourned two weeks more, during which time Fred is expected to attend the dozen or so days still remaining for him to go to make up the time he has missed during the winter.  This was the third adjournment and must end in dismissal as the boy will have his time made up.
Attended meeting of Social Comm. of Teacher's Club, to plan Celebrities Program for next year, including two nights of opera, Halliburton, Floyd Gibbons, and the Russian Cossack Singers.

Apr. 3
Ruby has been ill in bed 4 1/2 days, with the threat of immediate confinement hanging over her, for she has labor pains whenever she makes the slightest movement.  Dad Chase came last night, which makes the housework about twice as  hard, since we must have regular, full meals, and he does nothing worth mentioning to help.

Apr. 4
Ruby had a good nite's rest last nite as Dr. McCrumb gave her codein.  Her labor pains continued all nite and during the day, but did not hurt as she was too numb from the drug.  She did not bear down nor make any effort to work as they seemed faint-hearted and not like business.
About 4 PM I have her a shampoo and bath and she began to bear down when the pains came.  The exercise of moving about in bed during the bath, and the encouragement of bearing down with her pains, or perhaps the latter only, started things.  Her pains immediately became more frequent and sharp and I realized we must get her to the hospital at once.  I dressed her, called the doctor, brot the car around, and we got her in and up to the hospital.
They began preparing her immediately, and I left for a time as there was nothing to do.  I got a book from the state library, and when I returned to the house they had called from the hospital that Ruby had gone to the delivery room.  I went up, found a little hall sitting room near Ruby's room.  I could hear her moaning and sobbing with an occasional shriek from where I sat.
At ten o'clock (PM) the nurse came and told me I had a fine big boy in there, and I felt pretty good, for I've really wanted a boy.  Soon Ruby was trundled past me on the cart, and a minute later I was with her in the room.  She was in splendid condition, better than she has ever been before after labor.  Her cheeks were pink and she seemed as peppy as when she went to the hospital.

Apr. 5
Visited at the hospital; took Dad Chase to the station for his departure.  Jane & I drove to Okemos for eggs in the evening.

Apr. 6
Jane & I cleaned the cellar, mailed and telephoned baby notices, and kept as busy as bees all day.

Apr. 7, Mon.
A busy day.  Had a lot of calls in the morning as it was stormy and cold.  In the PM the Eliz. Nagy case was heard in Probate Court.  The judge sent her to Dr. Drolett to see if she was sick as she said and adjouned a week.  Out at 3:00 PM and then had to make a big string of calls.  I wanted to be through early for Jane & I had an appointment at 5:00.  After finishing my calls, I went to the hosp. and visited with Ruby an hour.  then met Jane at the Gladwer (Laila & Carrol were buying her a dress at Ruby's request) and together we saw "The Vagabond King".  A  very beautiful movie all in color and speech, tho the leading man was too feminine for my taste.  He could look hard once in a while but seldom did.
Ruby and little John Chase are both doing nicely.

Apr. 9
Called on Ruby twice, took Jane to Eastern cafeteria for lunch and in the evening took dinner with Halls.  E.M. and I then retired to an upstairs bedroom and studied the Masonic code.  I think I have it all now and can take my second tomorrow night.

Apr. 10
Took exam for the second degree in evening.  Screened in the back porch and finished painting Ruby's kitchen table.

Apr. 11
Finished the ironing except two smocks for Ruby which can be put away unironed.

Apr. 12  Sat.
Took Jane with me to Pancosts woods.  We had a nice time, with a bacon roast at noon.  A beautiful day.

Apr. 13  Sun.
Invited to dinner at Maurice & Alice Pancosts.  MHP and I got in some good work on summer plans.  Put up the new porch swing on front porch.

Apr. 16
Had a flat tire today and of course it was raining.  I went down slowly, however, and I succeeded in getting to my garage, where I put on the spare, as I was making my calls and hadn't time to fix it.
Has rained continuously for over 24 hours.
Cut down the grapevines except those growing up the side of the garage.  No use raising fruit for thieves.
Baked a cake and some graham gems.  Ruby is coming home tomorrow, and we must have things to eat.  The gems were for supper, and Jane and I ate them all.

Apr. 17  Thur.
Brought Ruby and little boy John home from the hospital today.  He seems to be a quiet little fellow and just cried what was necessary to a baby for a little exercise, not over five or ten minutes in the six hours he's been home.
Had macaroni con carne, hominy au gratin and steamed pudding for dinner, all new recipes, though the first has been served before here.  I added some variations however, which practically made it a new dish.  Everything I cook seems to turn well or a little better - quite remarkable luck.

Apr. 19  Sat.
Mabel and Shirley Thweatt showed up about dinner time.  I had to cook for them and for Sunday dinner had Carroll and Laila as well.  Had veal roast with dressing & brown gravy, masht potatoes, salad, entree and tea, Pierce & Cosier furnishing macaroons & ice cream for dessert.  We all had a pretty good time, tho I felt the responsibility.  The girls helped with dishes and some help on meals.

Apr. 21  Mon.
Worked at the woods today, finishing everything except hauling.  The last big tree I cut made 4 cords of wood.

Apr. 22
Made a slip cover for the wool batt for a sleeping bag.  It weighed when finished 5 lb. 3 oz, so heavy I think I shall make a tent instead and a lighter slip cover of muslin or sateen.

Apr. 23  Wed.
Went for a picnic to Marguerite Cabin with Ethel Bishop, Pancosts, and Kieppes.  Drove the Ford to the top of the hill beside the cabin.  Ethel B. said as far as she knew, first time it had been done.  Roasted weenies by fireplace as it was very cold outside.

Apr. 25  Fri.
Went to Grand Rapids with Chalmers & Kiepp for M.S.M.A.I.E. convention, all day, back at 1 AM.

Apr. 27  Sat.
Tried out four yeast bread recipes.  The three we have tried are good, bran, graham and cocoa bread, but we think we can improve all, of course, and have rewritten all the recipes.  Haven't cut the loaf of oatmeal bread yet.  Drove out to Okemos Park and to Olsens for eggs.
Little boy John is a little brick of a baby - hardly ever cries except during the half hour he has set aside for that purpose, from 1:30 until 2:00 AM.  He might have chosen a more convenient time, but we put him in the kitchen for it so he doesn't keep up awake.

Apr. 28  Mon.
Last Thurs. I took the second degree initiation at Masonic Temple.  Sun. Halls & we met in park at Dimondale, and E.M. helped me with the code.  Tonight I have it practically learned.

Apr. 29  Tues.
Purchased mess cups, a tin pan for an oven, some sauce pans, all aluminum but the tin one.  Tied nearly half the wool comforter in its cheese cloth casing.  Will use it inside a slip cover, both on the trail and at home - easily removed and washed (the slip cover)

Apr. 30  Wed.
Have been on 2 porches lately where the families were thought to have, or later found to have, smallpox.  I hadn't been vaccinated since 1923 and got nervous.  I went to four doctors, and found all out - because it wasn't office hours.  So I bought a tube of vaccine and vaccinated myself.