Aug. 1
    Drove to Baraga in Baraga County, across Keweenaw Bay from L'Anse visiting Miner's Falls, Miner's Castle (in Pictured Rocks) and Munising Falls on the way.
    In Baraga were several of the old army field ranges which have big ovens.  I determined to give one of these a tryout, and so set bread, and the next day stirred up a gingerbread cake and a devils food cake to go in with it.  The oven worked perfectly, better than our oven at home, and my only trouble was to resist the temptation to fire too heavily.  When the oven is hot and has a good fire going, it will bake a batch of bread with little or no more firing up at all.  I certainly got it hot - so hot we could hardly stay within 15 feet of it.  People set dishpans of water on top of the range and they boiled, which is far from usual on an outdoor stove.  Thereafter we baked every other day - another batch of bread, 2 pies, 2 pans of escalloped potatoes, a pan each of baked beans & macaroni & cheese, 9 dozen cookies, and the 2 cakes already mentioned.  I baked 22 loaves of bread on our trip, 6 of them at Mother Reed's.
    Every other day was for siteseeing and on these days we visited the Porcupine Mtns, the Huron Mtns, Copper Harbor, Eagle Harbor, Gay, the falls of the Sturgeon and the Ford sawmill at Pequaming.  L'Anse proved to be a more satisfactory trading point than Baraga.  Trout fishing in upper reaches of the Sturgeon, in outlets of small streams near the State park (heavily fished with bait) and trolling for lake trout.  I saw no boats on Baraga side of bay, but many commercial fishing places between L'Anse and Pequaming.  Trolling might be better in the next bay to the east.  Fewer people there. (Huron Bay)
    Buckwheat cakes were a successful experiment in this camp.  The skillet had to be sizzling, smoking hot and greased between every cake, and the iron skillet was better than the aluminum (they would stick to the aluminum).

Aug. 12
    Drove to St. Ignace.

Aug. 13
    Jane & I went to Mackinac Island and visited the Indian Village concession or sensation in St. Ignace.  Ruby stayed in camp with John and spent most of the day chinning with the Norwegian caretaker's assistant.

Aug. 14
    Drove to Beulah, via Sturgeon Bay and Acme, where we visited Jack & Grace Curtis.  Slept at the folks.

Aug. 19
    Drove to Lansing, with stops at Bear Lake to see Cosiers, at White Cloud to see Uncle John [Beem] and at Newaygo for lunch.