Tues. July 1
    Moved on as we didn't like O.F. camp.  M.H. flunked out on the trail hiking proposition  completely, when it came time to actually start.  After finding he couldn't actually drive clear to our objective on the Bechler River, he proposed hiking to Shoshone lake from a point on the highway only 3 mi. distant.  So I agreed, but when we got there he wouldn't start without going down first, empty handed, to see whether there was a good place to camp!  "We might find nothing but rocks," he said.  Of course, that meant camping overnight at the road camp, and we had already hung up our grub, two big lard cans full, in trees.
    I told him to never mind, I'd go alone, and in order not to keep him waiting, I left the pack outfit and taking only belt axe, compass, matchbox and emergency ration, I took the trail to West Thumb where he was going to camp that night.
    It made a nice hike, 8 miles by airline but a good many more by trail, I found.  I had a little trouble locating a point where my trail was to branch.  I soon learned how these were marked, however, and had no further trouble.  The trail crossed the road once, and there M.H. left me a note to cheer me up.  I reached camp at 6:30, after starting at 1:30, pretty tired and footsore but otherwise OK.

Weds. July 2
    Did a washing, bigger than any I've had yet.  Rightly or wrongly I have got the feeling that M.H. isn't keeping up his end of the camp work, and I'm trying to fix it so he'll either do a little more or benefit a little less from what I do.  I hardly have time to write home or do anything for myself.  He pitches tent & sets up the bed, about 30 min. work.  I spend about six hours a day working, and after camp is set, he seems to figure if he washes the dishes and lets me wipe them and put everything away, that he's done his share.
    In the evening I went up to Duck Lake, where he had gone fishing unsuccessfully earlier in the day, and got 2 nice brown trout, 14 1/2 & 17 1/2 inches respectively.

Thurs. July 3
    Went fishing in the channel from Shoshone to Lewis lake.  M.H. went down from where we struck the channel and I up, as I wanted to see Shoshone Lake.  As it developed, he got the part of the channel with the pools, and I the swift water.  I hooked two big fish on my Dowagiac plug, and they both twisted off.  I couldn't & can't understand it for they seemed completely hooked.  M.H. got three of the same big fish, Mackinaw trout, 22 inches long.  I helped him pack them four miles out to the road, and when we got to the car, took his picture holding them.
They were delicious meat, the best we've had as well as the biggest, I think.  Had one for supper.  While we were gone, the bears tore up the bobbinet mosquito net over the door, and a small hole in the further corner of the tent, pawed our dishes apart and over the ground, walked on our table oilcloth and just raised the devil generally though there wasn't a particle of food in the place.  Our bacon and lard were outside in a tree 30 feet from the tent.

Fri. July 4
    2 weeks in the park and 3 from home today.  Took a bath in the AM and wrote a long letter home, took till 2 PM.  Cooked some dried fruit, mixed peaches, apricots & prunes which turned out delicious.  Set them aside for dinner.
    Dinner was the biggest success yet.  I invented out of sheer imagination a pot roast of Mackinaw trout and it was delicious, with bacon, vinegar, salt, pepper & sugar in it, and steamed.  Another big feature was the successful initiation of my reflector baker.  I baked a batch of biscuits and they were perfect, browned to a turn, done through & through in only 12 min. cooking.  M.H. made shortcake of them with the fruit, and ate his full quota of the trout beside.
    Later walked around the pools & geysers, which we agree are better here than anywhere else, though the geyser is smaller.
    In evening a couple from Salt Lake City and another from San Fran. with their little son came and sat with us by our campfire till about ten.  We chatted the evening along most pleasantly & learned considerable from the California man who is quite intelligent.  The other man reminded me of Jack Jarman.  Almost nothing to remind one it was the Fourth.

Sat. July 5
    Fished in Shoshone channel again and came home with 3 big Mackinaw trout and two Lock Levens, bigger yet.  M.H. caught 3 of the 5 fish.  His yellow plug seems to make them crazy. I got one on my white plug after much work, but they strike his yellow one continually.  I got my 2nd fish with it.  We were the heroes of the camp & M.H. gave three of the fish away.
    A couple from Los Angeles, one from Grand Rapids, Mich. and the same couple from San Fran. were with us at our fireside at night.
    I learned that the wife of the man from Los Angeles is a German Swiss.  I chatted with her a bit in German - really chatted, for I had no trouble at all to understand every word she said, the first person I ever have talked to what one might call successfully.

Sun. July 6
    Spent most of the forenoon preparing wood for the last campfire in the camp.  Made biscuits again, 3rd batch I've made, as we had no bread and the store was out.  Entirely successful every time.  Same crowd as last night at our fire.

Mon. July 7
    Moved on to Tower Falls.  In Lake bought some supplies and got 3 letters from Ruby & Jane.  Another time there should be no reliance whatever on purchasing supplies in the Park.  I got green tea in Tower after failing at Lake & Canyon.  I left meat till Canyon & couldn't get it there or at Tower.  The latter place doesn't sell flour of any kind.  None of these stores carry salt pork and prices are of course very high, varying from place to place. 15 cents seems to be the standard price for a 1 lb. loaf of bread, milk 15 cents a qt., weenies 40 cents a lb., steak 45, (hardly any other fresh meat is to be had) corn meal is only sold, even in Cody, in 1 lb. pkgs. at 15 cents, buckwheat was not available except in pancake flour, graham in 9 lb. bags, sugar 12 1/2 cents a lb., etc.  All bread sold in the Park comes from Livingston, Montana and is stale enough to toast when the stores get it.  The stores have no ice & milk sours quickly.  Diluted Carnation milk seems to taste about as good as fresh.  We brought 3# of milk powder, and if we'd done most of our baking we'd have used 10# or more.
    After reaching Tower, drove out on road to Cooke City, looking for place to camp & fish Lamar & Slough Creek, said to be good.  But everything out there is sagebrush desert, no trees, flies terrible, so we came back to Tower.  M.H. wants to start home next day.  I suggested Madison or Thumb again but he wouldn't go to either place.  I said, O.K., go home, but to be understood I hadn't tired of it & wanted to stay.  Suggested a camp in one of the groves along Yellowstone river, but didn't suit him, but he wouldn't go home till I was ready.
    A ranger lecture in evening, Another ranger says good campsites farther up Lamar & Slough.  Neglected to say we drove over top of Mt. Washburn one way, worth the time, but so hazy not mucch to be seen.  I hiked from Sunset to Lamar nine miles, making 42 miles I have hiked since entering the park, mostly over trails, some of them the natural forest by compass & sun.  Saw herd of 5 deer.

Tues. July 8
    Got so dirty walking yesterday I had a bath and did a wash afterward.  As I had to be in camp anyhow I set a batch of bread sponge to try out my oven on.
    In evening, as we sat alone by the campfire, before which the bread had been baked shortly before, I remarked to M.H. that since Ruby was now in  mood to go camping I'd just as soon go back to Michigan.  He said OK, so it's decided we start tomorrow AM.  The bread (which I made all graham since we were nearly out of white flour and would get none at the absurd stores here) turned out very good indeed.  It was moist and yet done through.  We ate a whole loaf while it was hot yet, with honey & butter.

June 1  Sun.
    Returned to Lansing by country roads to avoid the traffic.  Stopt in Grand Rapids for dinner and to let "Grandpa" Chase see the boy.  11:30PM and not in bed yet!
June 2  Mon.
    Sacked up all the dry materials now ready for the trails food pack.  Put some beans to soak at noon, cooked them in pressure cooker tonight and dried them out enough to let them finish up air drying.  Set about 5 lb. of rhubarb to dry.

June 3
    Put up tea & coffee in backs, a pebble in each bag for a sinker except the bags which go in the trails outfit.  Listed foods bought to date with cost.

June 4 
    Finished everything I could see to do on the tent and set it up in the back yard.  A few details then became visible that needed revision.  Packed the packing nut on the fan shaft of the car that has been leaking; painted the lawn swing, second coat; raked the corner of the back yard by the garage that has been neglected, pulled out onions, asparagus, hollyhocks, weeds, etc. which have grown up there, removed the posts & fence the grapes were tied up on and moved the bird bath to the back yard.

June 5
    Spent noon hour getting dinner.  In evening partly erected the beam from which the lawn swing is to be hung and made eight muslin food bags.  Then R. and I went for a ride to Pine Lake.

June 6
    Packed up groceries in two lard cans, partly in bags and partly in cans and packages.

June 7  Sat.
    Completed hanging the lawn swing in the back yard.  Hauled an express wagon load of dirt from a pile up the street and filled several small holes about the lot.

June 8  Sun.
    Worked all day, packing clothing, equipment, food, etc.  In the afternoon the family went to Okemos for eggs.  I looked for mushrooms and found a small mess.  Prepared a new dish this morning, Pork en casserole.  It is quite successful, a little like a beef stew, but quite unique and not at all the same.  Nutmeg & clove seasoning gave it distinction.

June 16  Mon.  (possibly written while riding in the car; handwriting uneven)
    Went thru Bad Lands. Saw prairie dogs, lava, picked up fossils, hunted for rattlesnakes & found only little cacti with pretty blossoms.  Camped in a beautiful camp in the Black Hills, pines, rushing streams, big rocky hills, deer and a fairly equipped state park.

June 17th  Tues.
    Went thru Wind Cave, 5 mi. trip.  Very hot outside, the blast of wind from the cave, strong enough to blow my hat off, felt icy cold, but disappeared 50 ft. from entrance.  390 ft. down, all cool & dry, becoming almost dusty at lower levels.

June 18  Wed.
    My 39th birthday.  Drove through Needles Hway and past Sylvan Lake. Nice camp there. MH thinks it's free.  Water too cool for me but women might enjoy it.  Saw a 2 lb. trout dead in a cranny of rock.  Took a few pictures.  Big pin trees along highway for miles.  At four PM reached Devil's Tower, Wyoming.  Climbed to bottom of the sheer fluted column, a stiff climb at the last.  Walked around in about 20 minutes. A beautiful camp site at top of the [???] on which it stands, by pines, good spring and shelter house.  We had it all to ourselves.

June 19  Thurs.
    Drove to Big Horn Mountains, stopping for pictures and a run around at Big Muddy Pass.  Elev. there 9660 or practically 10,000.  Plenty of big snow drifts.
    Made camp on Ten Sleep Creek, a roaring torrent which has cut a tremendous gash through the hills.

June 20  Fri.
    Gave up stopping a day in Big Horns as we couldn't fish there without a $4 license.  Got up at 4:00 AM & started final drive to Yellowstone.  Ten Sleep Canyon is a tremendous thing, several miles in length and I drove this time.  Stopped to catch and snap a small woodchuck-like animal which we guessed was a marmot.  Numbers of them crossed the road ahead, always from left to right.
On desert again, stopped to chase a small snake which ran down a hole.
    Caught some grasshoppers.  Remember to catch hoppers in the desert when crossing again.  None in Yellowstone yet.  (No good for bait. Spinners better)
Later tried to run over a big snake stretched out across road but he snatched in his head.  We went back and watched him crawl away into the sage.  He was too big to argue with but had no rattles.
    Bought supplies in Cody, best place to trade we have found in the West.  A chain [claim?] store there is quite reasonable.  Prices in Hot Springs, Wyoming were very high.
    M.H. drove up Shoshone Canyon, a greater sight than Ten Sleep, but only 1 1/2 miles  long, very steep road.  I drove from park entrance to Lake Camp some 25 mi. $3 to enter car, closed after 6 PM.  Many places to camp along road both in Shoshone Forest outside the park, and after entering the latter.

June 21  Sat.
    Cooked a batch of food - beans, steamed brown bread, and tapioca-fruit pudding in the pressure cooker and at 4:00 went fishing up Pelican Creek.  M.H. got 1 big cut-throat and 3 rainbows, and I got two cut-throats.  My fish were 15 & 16 inches long, his 8, 10, 12 and 17.  We were delighted with our luck, tho everybody has been bringing in fish.  I steaked the cut-throats, and we ate the rainbows for supper.

June 22  Sun.
    Last night a commotion about 2 AM.  I got up with my long-range flashlight & went out.  A grizzly bear as tall as a horse and several times as big was clawing and tearing at the grub box of a neighbor's tent.  He looked up at the light 2 or 3 times, didn't seem to like it, and finally lumbered away until he got out of the spotlight.  We were worried for our fish, but most of them are safe now as we ate all but 2 pieces for breakfast.

June 23
    Drove to Tower Falls, stopping for 2 or 3 hours at the Canyon.  Ate dinner near Tower and intended to camp there but a pouring rain came up while we were eating.  M.H. stretched a canvas under which we finished our meal.  Then drove on to Mammoth, intending to rent a cottage if the rain continued.  It stopped, and we camped there.

June 24  Tues.
    Walked around Terrace Trail, visiting various hot springs and the Devils Kitchen, an old crater some 20 ft deep & 40 long.  Returned to camp and made a half broth stew, ate dinner and went for a walk down to the river.  A pouring rain came up and we reached camp drenched.

June 25  Wed.
    Climbed Mt. Evarts, opposite our camp, not by the horse trail, but by one of our own, scrambling up a gulch which broke back thru the sheer precipice at the top, and down thru another we found on either side.  We came down a long way from camp & got here pretty tired.  I picked up 3 antlers in a stream valley.  At the top a pool of rainwater had collected in a hollow rock from which I drank and was greatly refreshed.  M.H. declined it.  Drank again from Lava Creek at bottom.  Upon returning to camp warmed up stew & hominy & got supper, made a steamed pudding & steamed brown bread which are cooking as I write.  Cleaned up and shaved, did some preliminary packing up, and M.H. did the dishes.

June 26  Thur.
    Broke camp and moved on to Madison Jct. stopping at Norris to see the geyser field there.  2 geysers played during our stay, one quite a beauty.  Saw the Obsidian Cliffs and drank apoblinaris (?) water.
    Madison is a beautiful camping place.  I am delighted with it.

June 27  Fri.
    Worked about camp all day.  A noisy bunch camped alongside us about midnight last night, yelling, tooting their horn to scare off bears, etc.  This AM we woke them and called them to get up by their 1st names all round, Doc and Laura, Frank & Marie & even the dogs.  We made them get up under threat of taking cores from their valve-stems.  They were pretty good-natured about it, and aren't even quite sure who did it, I think.
    Bathed, did a washing, wrote a long letter home & got bean soup for supper.  Had to use pressure to cook the beans, then boiled them for hours to make the soup good.  M.H. likes the beans, I the soup.

June 28  Sat.
    A man from the noisy camp proved to be an old fisherman in Yellowstone & gave us some tips on getting to the little known places.  With the aid of the info thus obtained we drove an abandoned road far up Nez Perce Creek & fished down getting 6 trout, none very large.  I got 4 about 10-12 inc & M.H. 2 smaller.  The hike up the raod, now a trail, above the ford, was beautiful and gave us both much pleasure.  Upon returning to the highway, we went to Old Faithful (which went off just as we entered the village) got our mail, 3 letters apiece, and replaced spinners which we had lost during the days fishing.
    Neglected to add that last night after dinner, I went for a hike to the foot of Purple Mountain, nearby.  It only took five min. to get there, as I thought I'd climbed up a ways.  Of course, I went to the top, and from there to the tops of two other peaks nearby which are really all peaks of the same hill.  Got back about eight and just at nightfall.

June 29  Sun.
    Spent most of the day cooking & working around camp.  M.H. went fishing in the Gibbon but got nothing.

June 30  Mon.
    Went to Old Faithful, siteseeing along the way.  The camp is very unattractive there.  I found it a most unpleasant place to stay.  Prices are unendurably high.  Bananas were 20c a pound, milk 20c a quart.  Saw a geyser play four times, heard 2 good lectures, one the bear lecture, the other geology.  Saw the grizzlies feed and fight.

Maurice H. Pancost camping trip, 1930
May 1
Finished tying my wool batt into its cheesecloth casing so as to make a comforter of it.  Took the tent outdoors drove stakes and stretched it ready for waterproofing, then brot the tent in as it looked rainy.  Would have been a fine chance as it was a hot day and didn't rain until 3:00 or 4:00 o'clock.  Have wpfg compound ready.
Passed examination on second degree work at the Temple this evening.
Half soled my hiking shoes with some hard wearing compo[sition] soles.

May 8 1:30 Thur.
Have made a sleeping bag, waterproofed the tent, hauled my wood from Pancosts, hauled away the ashes, rigged up my fly-casting tackle and tried it out, bot a lawnmower and made preparations for a trip with the gang to Mystic Lake where we have the full use of the YMCA camp for nothing.  We start tomorrow at 4:00.

May 12 Mon.
Spent past week end with Hall, Pancost, Keith, Cigard, Donald and Lawrence at Mystic Lake Y.M.C.A camp.  Very comfortable place.  Keith caught 4 or 5 pike in Cranberry Lake nearby and Donald Hall one, mostly in early morning.
M.H.P. & I went fly-fishing in Grindstone River, very small and brushy.  Each of us caught a trout, both were about 6 1/2 inches long and of course went back in the water. Learned a lot about fly-fishing, and believe I can catch some when we get in country where they are.

Mystic Lake Camp today:

Tonight repaired three loose hinges on the garage doors, finished splitting the wood and threw all but a small pile in coal bin.  Too full to hold any more.

May 13  Tues.
Piled all the wood up in the basement under the stairs, a little more than I had last year.

May 14
Rainy evening.  Worked on the tent, finishing the roof & floor pieces.

May 15
Glazed two cellar windows that were broken, and put new screen in the back porch screen door.

May 16  Fri.
Ruby & I went to the annual spring party of Lansing Teachers Club at Hotel Kerns, played cards as Ruby didn't feel able to dance.

May 17
Spent yesterday & today mostly in helping Ruby in the kitchen & around the house but worked an hour on the tent.

May 19, Mon.
Alice & Maurice sent Hugh over to stay while they are out this evening.  He cried a few minutes when he found everybody in sight to be a stranger, but soon went to sleep and has been perfectly quiet since.

May 20  Tues.
Painted the old porch swing in back yard getting it ready to be put up there.  Jane has a very severe attack of ringworm and I have caught it from her but believe we have it checked now.

May 21  Wed.
Jane's feet so bad we took her to Dr. Bartholomew.  He prescribes a drastic treatment, which the seriousness of the situation warrants & requires.  She must be out of school several days.

May 22
Going to fly casting demonstration at the Y with M.H.P.

May 23
Last Sun. Ruby and I, talking a little walk by the Hoskins place, found some oyster mushrooms growing on an old log.  We brot them home and have had mushrooms since.  Today it was raining steadily.  I took raincoat & hat, rubber boots and the family in the car and returned to that log.  I got about a peck, great big luscious ones.

May 24  Sat.
Helped with housework till noon, then took the family downtown shopping.  We bought groceries and Ruby two dresses.  Then we drove out to McElmurry's on West Willow and bot 50# of rhubarb for a dollar.  Continuing on West we picked up the river road at Delta and saw the river banks as we shall see them when we float down the river some day on a flatboat.  The banks were green and beautiful, the river high and bowling along rapidly - a splendid time to start the adventure right now.
On the outskirts of Grand Lodge we turned back and skimmed along home on the pavement in a few minutes.

May 25  Sun.
Today we have had company all day, coming to see John mostly.  M.H.P. was here talking to me when Roy & Ethel & fammily came.  Later Morley & Win stopt in and we had Pancosts over for lunch & evening.  We got the rhubarb ready to can, but had to jar rings.  I did housework all the rest of the spare time & couldn't get to paint the porch swing nor finish my tent.

May 26 
Spent from 3 to 11:30 PM at Temple in being put through 3rd degree with the attendant ceremonies.
Masonic Temple, Lansing, Michigan built 1924
May 27  Tues.
Worked on recipes till bedtime.  Went to bed early, all in from being up so late last night.

May 28  Wed.
Worked on trail pack, tent, putting reinforcements in corners, etc.  Made good progress, despite numerous interruptions.

May 29  Thur.
Packed the family in the car, did the calls, and ending in N. end of the city drove on out, reaching Fremont in the evening after a stop for lunch in a schoolyard.  We went up by a different route than usual and found ourselves on the road past Bishops' cottage at Silver Lake.  The gang were to be there over the week end, but Ruby vetoed our going there.  As we were so near we stopt to see if any had yet arrived - to say "hello" or leave our card in the door.  Ethel B. was there, so Ruby nursed little John & changed him while I helped Ethel get the pump primed.  Then we drove on.

May 30  Fri.
Took a walk about 3 mi. out in the country and back in time for dinner.  A Mrs. Anna Morris, friend of Grace's and mother of Grant Eisenauer is also visiting here.  Loafed whole afternoon.

May 31  Sat.
Took lunch and whole gang, went to visit site of Hardy Dam or Oxbow dam now under construction in Muskegon River above present Croton Dam.  A tremendous engineering project.  I think the biggest I've ever seen.
Hardy Dam, Muskegon River, Michigan constructed 1929-1931
Apr. 1
My first trial.  The Fred Sendzik case was brot up for actual trial, I was called as witness, we hashed it all over, and though there was no question as to their being guilty, the case was adjourned two weeks more, during which time Fred is expected to attend the dozen or so days still remaining for him to go to make up the time he has missed during the winter.  This was the third adjournment and must end in dismissal as the boy will have his time made up.
Attended meeting of Social Comm. of Teacher's Club, to plan Celebrities Program for next year, including two nights of opera, Halliburton, Floyd Gibbons, and the Russian Cossack Singers.

Apr. 3
Ruby has been ill in bed 4 1/2 days, with the threat of immediate confinement hanging over her, for she has labor pains whenever she makes the slightest movement.  Dad Chase came last night, which makes the housework about twice as  hard, since we must have regular, full meals, and he does nothing worth mentioning to help.

Apr. 4
Ruby had a good nite's rest last nite as Dr. McCrumb gave her codein.  Her labor pains continued all nite and during the day, but did not hurt as she was too numb from the drug.  She did not bear down nor make any effort to work as they seemed faint-hearted and not like business.
About 4 PM I have her a shampoo and bath and she began to bear down when the pains came.  The exercise of moving about in bed during the bath, and the encouragement of bearing down with her pains, or perhaps the latter only, started things.  Her pains immediately became more frequent and sharp and I realized we must get her to the hospital at once.  I dressed her, called the doctor, brot the car around, and we got her in and up to the hospital.
They began preparing her immediately, and I left for a time as there was nothing to do.  I got a book from the state library, and when I returned to the house they had called from the hospital that Ruby had gone to the delivery room.  I went up, found a little hall sitting room near Ruby's room.  I could hear her moaning and sobbing with an occasional shriek from where I sat.
At ten o'clock (PM) the nurse came and told me I had a fine big boy in there, and I felt pretty good, for I've really wanted a boy.  Soon Ruby was trundled past me on the cart, and a minute later I was with her in the room.  She was in splendid condition, better than she has ever been before after labor.  Her cheeks were pink and she seemed as peppy as when she went to the hospital.

Apr. 5
Visited at the hospital; took Dad Chase to the station for his departure.  Jane & I drove to Okemos for eggs in the evening.

Apr. 6
Jane & I cleaned the cellar, mailed and telephoned baby notices, and kept as busy as bees all day.

Apr. 7, Mon.
A busy day.  Had a lot of calls in the morning as it was stormy and cold.  In the PM the Eliz. Nagy case was heard in Probate Court.  The judge sent her to Dr. Drolett to see if she was sick as she said and adjouned a week.  Out at 3:00 PM and then had to make a big string of calls.  I wanted to be through early for Jane & I had an appointment at 5:00.  After finishing my calls, I went to the hosp. and visited with Ruby an hour.  then met Jane at the Gladwer (Laila & Carrol were buying her a dress at Ruby's request) and together we saw "The Vagabond King".  A  very beautiful movie all in color and speech, tho the leading man was too feminine for my taste.  He could look hard once in a while but seldom did.
Ruby and little John Chase are both doing nicely.

Apr. 9
Called on Ruby twice, took Jane to Eastern cafeteria for lunch and in the evening took dinner with Halls.  E.M. and I then retired to an upstairs bedroom and studied the Masonic code.  I think I have it all now and can take my second tomorrow night.

Apr. 10
Took exam for the second degree in evening.  Screened in the back porch and finished painting Ruby's kitchen table.

Apr. 11
Finished the ironing except two smocks for Ruby which can be put away unironed.

Apr. 12  Sat.
Took Jane with me to Pancosts woods.  We had a nice time, with a bacon roast at noon.  A beautiful day.

Apr. 13  Sun.
Invited to dinner at Maurice & Alice Pancosts.  MHP and I got in some good work on summer plans.  Put up the new porch swing on front porch.

Apr. 16
Had a flat tire today and of course it was raining.  I went down slowly, however, and I succeeded in getting to my garage, where I put on the spare, as I was making my calls and hadn't time to fix it.
Has rained continuously for over 24 hours.
Cut down the grapevines except those growing up the side of the garage.  No use raising fruit for thieves.
Baked a cake and some graham gems.  Ruby is coming home tomorrow, and we must have things to eat.  The gems were for supper, and Jane and I ate them all.

Apr. 17  Thur.
Brought Ruby and little boy John home from the hospital today.  He seems to be a quiet little fellow and just cried what was necessary to a baby for a little exercise, not over five or ten minutes in the six hours he's been home.
Had macaroni con carne, hominy au gratin and steamed pudding for dinner, all new recipes, though the first has been served before here.  I added some variations however, which practically made it a new dish.  Everything I cook seems to turn well or a little better - quite remarkable luck.

Apr. 19  Sat.
Mabel and Shirley Thweatt showed up about dinner time.  I had to cook for them and for Sunday dinner had Carroll and Laila as well.  Had veal roast with dressing & brown gravy, masht potatoes, salad, entree and tea, Pierce & Cosier furnishing macaroons & ice cream for dessert.  We all had a pretty good time, tho I felt the responsibility.  The girls helped with dishes and some help on meals.

Apr. 21  Mon.
Worked at the woods today, finishing everything except hauling.  The last big tree I cut made 4 cords of wood.

Apr. 22
Made a slip cover for the wool batt for a sleeping bag.  It weighed when finished 5 lb. 3 oz, so heavy I think I shall make a tent instead and a lighter slip cover of muslin or sateen.

Apr. 23  Wed.
Went for a picnic to Marguerite Cabin with Ethel Bishop, Pancosts, and Kieppes.  Drove the Ford to the top of the hill beside the cabin.  Ethel B. said as far as she knew, first time it had been done.  Roasted weenies by fireplace as it was very cold outside.

Apr. 25  Fri.
Went to Grand Rapids with Chalmers & Kiepp for M.S.M.A.I.E. convention, all day, back at 1 AM.

Apr. 27  Sat.
Tried out four yeast bread recipes.  The three we have tried are good, bran, graham and cocoa bread, but we think we can improve all, of course, and have rewritten all the recipes.  Haven't cut the loaf of oatmeal bread yet.  Drove out to Okemos Park and to Olsens for eggs.
Little boy John is a little brick of a baby - hardly ever cries except during the half hour he has set aside for that purpose, from 1:30 until 2:00 AM.  He might have chosen a more convenient time, but we put him in the kitchen for it so he doesn't keep up awake.

Apr. 28  Mon.
Last Thurs. I took the second degree initiation at Masonic Temple.  Sun. Halls & we met in park at Dimondale, and E.M. helped me with the code.  Tonight I have it practically learned.

Apr. 29  Tues.
Purchased mess cups, a tin pan for an oven, some sauce pans, all aluminum but the tin one.  Tied nearly half the wool comforter in its cheese cloth casing.  Will use it inside a slip cover, both on the trail and at home - easily removed and washed (the slip cover)

Apr. 30  Wed.
Have been on 2 porches lately where the families were thought to have, or later found to have, smallpox.  I hadn't been vaccinated since 1923 and got nervous.  I went to four doctors, and found all out - because it wasn't office hours.  So I bought a tube of vaccine and vaccinated myself.

March 1930


Mar. 2
Pancosts spent the afternoon and evening here. Talked plans with Maurice & exhibited my new baker, knife, hatchet, hat, coveralls, reel, rod, creel, line, headers, frying pans, etc.

Mar. 12
Have been drying vegetables for use on the trail this summer. Astonishing how they shrivel up to almost nothing. The potatoes, soaked and boiled, come out delicious, better than fresh ones. Have dried 5 # of potatoes, 1 1/2 lb of carrots already. Have also made a mosquito headnet and dyed it brown. Have still to insert a celluloid window. Calls very light yesterday PM & today forenoon. Six yesterday PM, 2 this AM.

Mar. 15
Sawed wood at Pancosts. Party last night at Halls kept us up till one o'clock, hence I didn't feel like working but worried 20 blocks off a big log and did some other small jobs.

Mar. 16
Beautiful day. Picnicked with Pancosts at Okemos. Shot at a mark & tried out the reflector baker.

Mar. 18
After another beautiful day. Today was cold, with two inches of snow. Tulips are just high enough to show through it.
Ed Rarey was shot and killed Sunday night, the 15th, by a criminal he was trying to arrest.
"Police Spread Net For Murder Suspect", Canton Ohio Evening Repository, 17 Mar 1930, p.8, col. 7; digital image, GenealogyBank (http://www.genealogybank.com: accessed 7 Jan 2012)
Mar. 21
They caught the man and made him confess. It was Maurice Brozofsky. It has broken Mother and Dad up badly, he was such a close friend of theirs.
Went to the closing exercises of Evening School last night, and ducked out at 8:30 to go to lodge, hoping to get some knowledge of the ritual. Have made no visible headway at it yet, and feel so disgusted. I dislike intensely to spend such oceans of time learning such utterly useless material. Had I known one must learn thousands and thousands of words of ritual in order to become a common 3rd degree Mason, and that it must be done from another Mason, as it doesn't exist lawfully in print, and that it must be accompanied by the inhalation of second-hand tobacco smoke, carbon dioxide and bad lighting; I fear I should never have attempted it.

Mar. 24
Studied ritual with help of EMH yesterday. Goes so much faster now I am much encouraged. Received a pair of heavy work shoes from Dad for hiking this summer. Went to Dr. Owen with sore throat, first I've had this winter. Dr. wasn't in but Miss Hansen gave me a treatment and charged $1.
Drove out to Olsen's, near Okemos Sun. and bought 2 doz. eggs, third time in as many weeks. Are getting 12 doz. for waterglass middle of the week.
Sawed wood at farm Sat. goes pretty slowly, saw getting dull I guess.  This tree will finish the years work, can do it all in another Sat., I think, except the hauling.

Mar. 25
Second big storm of the year, only 4 or 5 in. of snow, but air full of it all day.
Have a severe sore throat. Had it treated in Dr. Owens office but no better yet.
Worked in Leslie Stanaway's shop with him all the evening 3:30 to 5:30 on my camp stove.
Speedometer reads 4140.
I now have 10# of potatoes, 8# of carrots and 5# of onions dried.

Mar. 26
Sore throat much better this morning and practically well tonight.
More snow fell today, wet and soft. 9 inches deep, very slippery, but didn't get stuck.
Finished the kitchen table today and gave it a coat of paint.

Mar. 27
Having recovered from sore throat, I now have a lame back, so bad it hurts me every move I make and every breath I draw. My car got stuck in the snow this AM. I started the wheels turning and got out and pushed. I hurt my back when I did so and it has been bad ever since.
Herbert wanted the radio so we took it out to him tonight and went on to Okemos, where we bought 14 doz eggs, and tonight Ruby put them down in waterglass, 12 doz. The other two are to be used at once. Cost 25c a doz.
Laila & Carrol were down for the evening, just dropt in.

Mar. 28
Went down for trial of Fred Sendzik, but he failed to appear. Judge said he'd have him arrested and put on bond.
Snow has been thawing fast but a lot of it left yet.
Lame back is better but still lame.
Started dieting as I am badly overweight.

Mar. 29
Back so lame I couldn't saw wood.  Loafed around during the PM, shopped all the morning.  Party at Pancosts this evening. Courtneys decided upon as the couple to complete our number if they accept.

Mar. 31
Ruby down sick in bed since yesterday noon. Dr. McCrumb doesn't know what is wrong yet.  Jane and I are doing the housekeeping.
Sunday made a large number of cloth food bags, 39 in all, of varying sizes, for use on camping trip.  Had to buy more material both cloth & tape.
Filed petition on Eliz. Nagy.
January 31, 1930
The close of a very busy week.  I made 66 calls on Wednesday and 216 for the week.  Received my wrist watch from Dad Reed.

February 8, 1930
Another busy week, too busy, I have learned, for some of the asst. principals who assign me calls have been giving me more than a reasonable load, more than they gave Mr. George last year by about double. I am compiling figures and graphs today to show the situation clearly, and I shall then lay it before the principals and assistant principals.  Am also compiling a street directory to use in finding my way around the city, as my old one is so out of date as to be almost useless.

February 15, 1930
Thanks to my data which showed the load I had, it has been cut down to more reasonable limits. Therefore the past week has not been so hard.
Wed. night somebody stole my spare tire and wheel assembly off the car. It was replaced complete by the Wolverine Insurance Co. with whom I have my fire and theft.
Maurice Pancost and I get together every Sunday evening to talk over details of our trip to Yellowstone, which we are planning for this summer.

February 17, 1930
Received a consignment of goods for use this summer, including a fly rod and reel, a fly line, a belt axe, 2 african water bags, sheath knife, fisherman's hat, leaders, creel, folding frying pan, and there is still on the way a suit of coveralls.

Feb. 21
Took Herbert out to the state farm and laboratory to see the equipment and processes.

Feb. 22
Laila & Carrol proposed a picnic, as we have been having a spell of extremely warm weather, snow gone and ground even drying up.  We went to Okemos and roasted our weenies.  The ground was too soft to drive beyond the gravel, so we roasted them farther up river than usual. The river was very high, is in flood state here in town.

Feb. 25
Went to "Taming of the Shrew" with family, Laila & Carrol. They were here for dinner after.

Feb. 27
Stopped in Leslie Stanaways shop at West Jr. and worked with him after school until 6:00 PM, I making a reflector oven, he working on my camp stove. I gave him a couple of rugs this morning, and am going to help him make a set of the same camp equipment.

Feb. 28
Worked with Stan again until 6:00 and completed the reflector baker. In the evening made a canvas case for it.